MXGT Aurum 5 – Sarafa Bazar India

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  • >High Accuracy Results with HDSP technology (Hybrid Digital Signal Processor).
  • >Detects 25+ Elements Precisely better than Fire Assay.
  • >Identifies Prohibited Elements (Powder) Iridium, Ruthenium, Osmium, etc.
  • >Industrial Integrated PC With External Display.
Product Highlights:

> W-Target Xray tube with Triple Cooling: Single collimator. Designed for higher CPS
> World's Leading Detectors: Space and Research grade detectors that provide highest precision.
> All Metal analysis: 30+ elements including Iridium, Osmium, Lead, Ruthenium, Rhenium can be                   detected with Alert function.
> Power Supply: 110V - 260V, 50/60 Hz Specially Designed for Indian Conditions.
> Inbuilt PC with Latest Software: Inbuilt PC protects from virus, malware, misuse of data. Upgraded           with Latest FP 2.0 software for best performance.
> Cost Efficient and Fully functional: Best value for money and yet no compromise on performance or            functions.
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