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Hello everyone,

With the help of this machine you can make balls/clips on different chains in different patterns.

These different ball chains then can be used for various purposes like:-


1. Necklace

2. Anklet

3. Maang teeka

4. Paayal


The machine uses different cams for making ball in one rotation of the motor shaft and also uses stepper motor for pulling the chains at different lengths and different speeds


All these different equipments are being controlled using the DELTA PLC  along with the programmable function to operate the different designs.


The systems also uses Human Machine Interface HMI for setting variables such as the gap between 2 subsequent balls and also the gap between two different pairs of the ball.


This machine uses different working designs for different jewellery like:- 

1. 1+1 means one ball and then a gap and then a ball

2. 2+2 means 2 balls with a gap(say 4mm) and another 2 balls with gap of say 15 mm


This machine uses single phase power 220v.


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