MXGT Karat pro + – Sarafa Bazar India

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Compact in size, Big in performance.
Ideal for Jewellers, Old Gold Purchase, Bank, Jewel Loans.
> Inbuilt Industrial component PC.

Product Highlights:
> All In One - PC FREE: Designed for ease of use with touchscreen operation and freedom from cables and wires.
> Lowest Maintenance Cost: Robust hardware combined with all safety features, makes it absolutely lowest on           maintenance for years.
> Print or Share in 1 click: 1 click to print or make PDF report. Print Jewelry estimation POS Print instantly, best for      old gold purchase dept.
> Power Supply: 110V-260V, 50/60 Hz Specially Designed for Indian Conditions.
> Connect with your software: API integration support is available to connect XRF to your software.
> Ready for your business: Simple and straightforward gold analyser with useful functions that you can use               immediately in your ongoing business.
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