Automated 360 photography Turntable for Jewellery – Sarafa Bazar India

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Rotocular’s automated 360° product photography turntable is
motorized, rotating turntable for Jewellery & many more product photo & Video.

The system can take single, multiple shots, customized multi view, 360 degree spin with automated PC control camera capturing. Applicable for Jewelry.

* Any product upto 5 Kgs and dimension of 8 x 8 x 8 inches can shoot.

* PC control Live View, PC control Turntable position with require degree setting and manually each degree motion by software command.

* Customized angle settings features of Turntable

  • Fast and easy automated camera control and capturing.
  • Live View with PC
  • Integrated camera ( selected Nikon /Canon camera Compatible with our software) operation by PC
  • Automated each 360 degree capturing.
  • Nine predefined settings of 360 capturing programmed available.
  • Clock wise and CCW rotation features.
  • Single shot, customized multi angle selection, 360 degree and  video recording.
  • Light weight and space saving.
  •      Clothe lightbox with pipe structure with 2 LEDs .
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