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Rotocular’s best 360° product photography turntable & white led light box for jewellery. with professional photo/video with editing software.

The system using for creative product arrangement with single shots and It can take single, multiple shots, customized multi view, 360 degree spin, Video capturing with automated PC control camera capturing using inside Roto12 Turntable.

* Any product upto 5 Kgs and dimension of 8 x 8 x 18 inches can shoot.

* PC control Live View, PC control Turntable position with require degree setting and manually each degree motion by software command.

* PC control LED Lighting

* Customized angle settings features of Turntable.

  • Specious and Combine use for Creative arranged Product Photography and Multiple / 360 degree photography.
    Dimension Object: 12" x 12" x 18"
  • Multiple angle of View
  • Hanging Product Photography applicable with same Turntable (Hanging accessary available at optional)
  • Automated each 360 degree capturing.
  • Top view Photography with optional camera Stand.
  • Programmable LED lighting Control by PC. 4 Led lights each with LEDs. 0% to 100% Dimming control with flicker free with Special Color Corrected Led lighting design.
  • Fast and easy automated camera control and capturing.
  • Live View with PC
  • Integrated camera ( selected Nikon /Canon camera Compatible with our software) operation by PC


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