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4 Reasons to Join an Online B2B Jewellery Marketplace

September 2022 | Archit Jain

Reports from the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) state that in the month of July 2022, the total gross export of gems and jewellery was US$ 3129.91 million (Rs.

24913.990 crores). Furthermore, India's share of gems and jewellery in world exports for 2021 was 4.7%, ranking 6th on the list. That's a significant jump from the 7th position with a 3.50% share in 2020.

Playing a significant role in the progress of India's gems and jewellery industry is the growing popularity of the online b2b jewellery marketplace - a quick and easy way to connect with the like-minded. But there's more to an online b2b jewellery marketplace business

So if you are contemplating whether or not you should join an online b2b jewellery marketplace, keep reading. This blog will walk you through all the reasons why you must enter an online b2b jewellery marketplace.

Why Should You Become a Part of an Online B2B Jewellery Marketplace?

1. Find the Right Kind of Jewellery Partner

As the best marketplace to promote or search jewellery, B2B jewellery marketplaces like Sarafa Bazar India establish a network of businesses, all of whom share more or less the same goal, which is to grow their businesses.

2. Source the Best Jewellery

Registered businesses on the b2b jewellery marketplace app and website bring different offerings. These include jewellery and items made of gold, silver, diamonds, CZ casting, and more. They also offer a great variety, from rings and earrings to armlets, kamarband, and premium silver gifting items. As a result, you can source the best quality of jewellery for your clientele base. Furthermore, if you want to introduce something new to your clients, you can always get in touch with the respective businesses and partner with them.

3. Expand Your Business

There is cut-throat competition in the jewellery sector. Consequently, you must bring your A game, keep introducing new items, and expand your business. The B2B marketplace allows you to do this at your own convenience and flexibility. You can explore other businesses, see their offerings, and connect with them from the comfort of your shop or even home using the b2b jewellery marketplace app

4. Promote Your Business

An online b2b jewellery marketplace offers multiple membership plans with several offerings. These may include WhatsApp groups, promotions, lead generation, and more. This improves the visibility of your business, making it easier to promote yourself in B2B jewellery market.

Wrapping Up

Online b2b jewellery marketplaces have undoubtedly taken the jewellery sector by storm. At a time when constantly improving is a necessity, an online b2b jewellery marketplace brings you all the suitable options at the tip of your fingers. With Sarafa Bazar India's online b2b jewellery marketplace app, you could be anywhere in India and still be able to connect with a business that's on the opposite end of the country within minutes. It is the new normal in the jewellery world and definitely something you should become a part of to outgrow yourself!

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