Why is Sarafa Bazar India the Best B2B Jewellery Marketplace?

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Why is Sarafa Bazar India the Best B2B Jewellery Marketplace?

September 2022 | Archit Jain

Like other sectors, the jewellery sector in India has also undergone digitization, overcoming geographical barriers and limitations. Customer experiences are hassle-free, accessible, and customizable, thanks to digitization. Additionally, digitization makes it easier to comprehend how customers purchase. The hallmark and security certificates, higher quality items, and customer experience are the main drivers fueling the expansion of the online jewellery sector. Consequently, digitization has created the concept of an online B2B jewellery marketplace where retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers can connect

Out of the many b2b jewellery marketplaces, one that stands tall is Sarafa Bazar India - an online b2b jewellery marketplace. Furthermore, Sarafa Bazar India’s online b2b jewellery marketplace app recently completed 25,000+ downloads, strengthening its market position. But what makes it the best marketplace to promote jewellery? Let’s find out! 

What Makes Sarafa Bazar India the Best B2B Marketplace?

1. Pan India Presence

Sarafa Bazar India has a strong presence across India. This online b2b jewellery marketplace currently has jewellery manufacturers and wholesalers from 12+ cities across India. Furthermore, they have buyers (wholesalers and retails) from almost every Indian city. 

2. Network of Like-Minded Individuals

Why will so many businesses choose the same platform? One thread that ties everyone together is the zeal to progress - to get bigger and better. And to do so, you need to partner with like-minded individuals. Sarafa Bazar India is the ultimate destination to partner with businesses that can help you grow and expand your base. 

3. Unlimited Jewellery Options 

As someone in an ever-so-competitive industry and continuously driven by the customer’s choices, you need to stay ahead of your game. You need to bring new designs and concepts to the market constantly. Since Sarafa Bazar India has many manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers on the platform, you can choose from an extensive range of jewellery.

4. Charges Zero Commission

A zero commission feature is hard to come by, especially in today’s time when platforms and apps take every opportunity to monetize their offerings. Sarafa Bazar India’s online b2b jewellery marketplace app and platform charge zero commissions on all transactions. All dealings are done offline directly between buyers and sellers thus ensuring the transparency. 

5. Attractive Benefits 

This online B2B jewellery marketplace offers many lucrative benefits for all its members. For starters, it has two different plans to choose from. You may select any depending on your needs. Furthermore, the platform gives you access to a premium WhatsApp group where you connect with industry leaders. Also, the platform provides Facebook promotion with paid posts and WhatsApp promotion to increase your business’s visibility. 

Wrapping Up

Besides the reasons mentioned above, Sarafa Bazar India opens the world of jewellery to you anywhere and anytime. There are no compulsions or goals to meet either. You can grow at your own pace with unlimited lead sharing. The platform also actively participates in various exhibitions. This adds to their credibility and yours as a proud member! Undoubtedly, it is the best b2b jewellery marketplace app and platform for businesses that want to GROW. 

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