Sarafa Bazar India Reaches 25,000+ App Downloads: Here’s What You Shou

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Sarafa Bazar India Reaches 25,000+ App Downloads: Here’s What You Should Know About the Marketplace

August 2022 | Archit Jain

Marketplaces are the new normal in business today, regardless of the industry. It allows everyone to market themselves and connect with other businesses. Not to forget, it is an excellent way to boost your business. 

The concept of an online B2B jewellery marketplace was destined for success, given the demand for marketplaces and the advancements in the jewellery industry. One such online b2b jewellery marketplace business setting a high benchmark is Sarafa Bazar India. 

Sarafa Bazar India has successfully reached 25,000+ app downloads, adding another feather to its cap. The platform hosts jewellery manufacturers and wholesalers from 12+ cities across India. And not to forget our pan-India presence with buyers from almost every Indian city. Not just that, as jewellery enthusiasts, the platform participates in several exhibitions. 

We will soon be participating in renowned exhibitions like GJIIF (Chennai), UGJIS (Pune), JewelNet Expo (Chandigarh), and GGJS (Gandhinagar). Sarafa Bazar is driven to consistently keep getting better as the best platform that has an equally strong presence. As for our next milestone, we aim to complete 50,000 app downloads in this financial year. 

Sarafa Bazar India has set high standards for an online b2b jewellery marketplace app in the industry for all the right reasons. Here’s all you need to know about the platform and the app! 

What Makes Sarafa Bazar India So Popular?

1. Extensive Network

Sarafa Bazar India is your one-stop solution for all your B2B jewellery needs. It will serve all your needs whether you are a wholesaler, retailer, or manufacturer. As someone in the jewellery industry, this b2b jewellery marketplace app and its website allow you to find potential dealers for sourcing or selling your jewellery. Furthermore, all the manufacturers / wholesalers / machine vendors in the marketplace have added their contact number, which makes it easier to connect. 

2. Access to a Wide Variety 

The online b2b jewellery marketplace is not limited to gold, silver, or diamonds. It has everything under one roof - gold, silver, diamonds, CZ and plain casting, antiques, platinum, stones, machines, and more. This means that the marketplace entities have everything, from women’s jewellery to those specially designed for men or kids. Not just that, it also has utensils, idols, pooja items, and a premium collection for gifting. 

3. Lucrative Membership Plans

Sarafa Bazar India offers two kinds of membership - Allied and Jewellery. Across these 2 membership plans, it provides several services like: 

  • Dedicated admin panel
  • Unlimited Leads Sharing
  • Premium WhatsApp group
  • Facebook promotion
  • Facebook paid posts
  • WhatsApp promotion and more. 

With these services, Sarafa Bazar India not only lets you connect with other entities but also allows you to promote your business. Consequently, this may boost your business. 

For buyers there is no charge for using the app and the website. 

Wrapping Up

B2B jewellery marketplace apps like Sarafa Bazar India contribute significantly to the jewellery industry, allowing small jewellery businesses to connect with the industry leaders. Not to forget that it enables you to scale your business on your own terms. Besides jewellery, the marketplace also offers machines for making gold and silver jewellery and refining machines. It takes care of all your jewellery and related needs!
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