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Role of B2B Jewellery Marketplaces In the Future of the Jewellery Industry

September 2022 | Archit Jain

The jewellery sector of India contributes significantly to its GDP. As per reports, weddings generate nearly 50% of the total demand for gold in the country. In fact, you will be surprised to know that approximately 797 million metric tons of gold jewellery were consumed in 2021. Furthermore, consumption was highest among the middle-income group. Also, the total export value of silver amounted to 49 million U.S. dollars in the 2022 fiscal year. Not to forget that India is the only country in Asia that mines diamonds.

The statistics above demonstrate the significance of the jewellery industry in India. Equally interesting is the rise of the online b2b jewellery marketplace in India. Although the jewellery market is dominated by the likes of Titan Company, Rajesh Exports, and Kalyan Jewellers, the online B2B jewellery marketplace gives everyone a fair chance to grow their business and strengthen their presence in the market. 

But that's not all. Let's see some more benefits of the online b2b jewellery marketplace app and platform and learn the role it may play in the bright future of the Indian jewellery market. 

Why Should You Join an Online B2B Jewellery Marketplace?

An online B2B jewellery marketplace like Sarafa Bazar India is perhaps the best marketplace to promote or source jewellery. It offers significant advantages to the members. The following are some of them: 

  • It gives everyone in the jewellery industry, manufacturers, retailers, or wholesalers, access to a large pool of quality businesses to partner with. 
  • The b2b jewellery marketplace app and platform increase your visibility in the industry, making it easier for relevant stakeholders to find and get in touch with you. 
  • The online b2b jewellery marketplace business has everything under the sun that you may be searching for - be it because your existing partner cannot fulfil your requirements at the time or because you want to venture into something new.
  • The membership plans offer exciting incentives like unlimited lead sharing, paid promotions on Facebook, access to a premium WhatsApp group, and more. While there is no charges for the buyers.
  • You can connect with the leading businesses in the market and collaborate with them to boost your business. 

How B2B Jewellery Marketplaces Determine the Future of the Jewellery Industry?

The online b2b jewellery marketplace business necessitates all businesses to bring their A-game to the table - be it their collection, services, or rates. As a result, businesses must be on their toes, always offering something new to boost their business. This, in turn, increases the healthy competition in the market. But here's the catch! 

The marketplace allows these businesses the resources to stay ahead. It forms a network of like-minded people. This will enable them to not only give their best but also work on the prevailing problems in the industry. An online b2b jewellery marketplace weaves everyone into a single thread, which is essential for the sector's growth. 

Wrapping Up

The online b2b jewellery marketplace brings everyone together, driving them to get the best, eventually contributing to the industry's growth. It opens doors to several opportunities for everyone. Undoubtedly, the future of the Indian jewellery sector looks bright, given the growing popularity of online b2b marketplaces for jewellery.

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