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Electropolishing Machine and Stripping Machine

December 2021 | Archit Jain

Do - It Impex Pvt.Ltd. is glad to announce our collaboration with Ankitst Exim to put up a live demo for one of our best products i.e. Electropolishing Machine and Stripping Machine. You can now have a free live demo on your jewellery
articles in our electropolishing machine and stripping machine at Zaveri Bazaar from 7th to 11th December. The following are some details of the products:
Electropolshing Machine - Do It Electro Polishing Machine, is equipped with an electrochemical process that removes material from jewellery or other articles reducing the surface roughness by levelling micro-peaks and
valleys, improving the surface finish. Due to its ease of operation and its usefulness in polishing irregularly-shaped objects, Do It Electro polishing has become a common process in the production of Jewellery. It is commonly
used in the post-production of large number of jewellery articles.
Stripping Machine - Stripping or System plays a vital role in today’s Delicate & Fine Jewellery. Stripping Machine helps in using Special CYANIDE FREE Stripping Solution for Gold with different Caratage of 14KT /18KT /22 KT
and ensures right results and also being Cyanide Free helps in recovering metal.
We will be delighted if you come and visit us.
Address - Al Hussain Haights,2/6, Kolsa Street, Office No. 103, 1st Floor, Mumbai -400003
For more details contact - Priyank Shah: +919136991604 OR Siddhesh Varsale: +919167694569
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