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How can Online B2B Platform help Silver Jewellery Manufacturers in the Pandemic?

January 2021 | Archit Jain

With the sudden outbreak of Covid 19, it seems the world has gone upside down, and businesses are looking for ways to conduct business in a different yet profitable way. In such a situation, when the world is going digital, gold and silver jewellery manufacturers must be looking for ways to continue their business.

We all know that in the case of the gold and silver industry, before the Covid 19, physical exhibitions were the only way to bridge the distance between a silver jewellery manufacturer, wholesaler and a retailer. However, with this outbreak, the world definitely needs to find an online platform to continue its business. Just like Sarafa Bazar has offered the online platform where retailers and manufacturers can come online, show their designs, and move further with the transactions, this industry is certainly going to see a definite number of advantages.

If you are reading this blog, it clearly means either you are a silver jewellery manufacturer or a retailer looking for a good way to continue your business and see a good profit margin. Indeed, Covid has altered everything, but with the online platform, no more there will be any limitations

Are you thinking, how? Keep reading to know more.

The online platform cuts the geographical restrictions:

One of the biggest advantages of an online platform for the gold and silver jewellery manufacturer and retailer is that there will be no geographical restrictions. Unlike the previous days, no more the retailers will have to stay confined with some manufacturers and the same for manufacturers as well. Because of geographical restriction, two parties couldn’t match others available in different locations and which made them stay confined in a location. 

With the online B2B platform for this industry, manufacturers can now expand their business as they can get access to several retailers. Similarly, retailers can check the designs and prices from various manufacturers. 

This way, both parties can grow their business and enjoy profit margins.

No need for physical exhibitions:

The only way retailers were able to meet manufacturers was from physical exhibitions. This again is another thing which is located to geographical restriction. Besides, physical exhibitions consist of a confined number of retailers and manufacturers as not many manufacturers or retailers will be able to visit the exhibitions at the given time. 

In this case, if the physical exhibitions get converted to online exhibitions, there will be no geographical restrictions, no time bindings, and no need for being present in the location. This means more numbers of people can take part in it, which will increase the reach of businesses along with retailers will be provided with an array of silver jewellery designs. 

Sarafa Bazar can be the ideal place for the gold and silver manufacturers and retailers to expand their business. 

A multitude of options for both parties:

As we have mentioned above, in an exhibition, the parties are confined because of the locational barriers. However, when it is an online exhibition, the entire picture changes. With an online B2B platform, both the parties will be presented with a multitude of options, and therefore it can actually help them to improve their business. 

Since the market is upgrading at an unbelievable rate, if the retailers stay limited to some conventional and outdated designs, it can result in hampering their business and losing their customers. This is because customers are in constant search of something new. 

For better growth, you must think of getting listed in Sarafa Bazar and their online exhibition. 

Bottom Line: Amidst the Covid 19, if the retailers want to find jewellery manufacturers, nothing but the B2B business platform can be the only way. Sarafa Bazar can be the ultimate destination for jewellery manufacturers to expand their business even when there are geographical restrictions. 

So what are you waiting for? Get your name listed today in the online exhibition and keep growing your gold and silver business irrespective of the pandemic and travel restrictions. 

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